Mariposita is a 20' tall sculpture, made out of CNC cut, stacked slices of solid core wood panels. The process began with the development of a 3D model of a female figure, positioned in such a way as to represent an emergence. This virtual model was then “sliced” into 350+ horizontal layers through a CAD software. These slices were further divided into smaller parts which enabled CNC fabrication. Over 2500 parts were cut, numbered and sanded, then assembled into layers, and those layers assembled into blocks. The blocks were then assembled to create the sculpture. 8-inch screws and ratchet straps hold the blocks in place. The shell is made up of plywood “ribs and slats” which enclose the figure without compromising its viewability. The entire sculpture is 20-feet tall and 16-feet at its widest diameter.
Year: 2021
Material: Wood
Dimensions: 20' Tall × 16' Wide

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